Recipe Rating Guide

Level 1: Easy Easy Lemon Squeezy

Fuss-free recipes that will get you and your little baker in the kitchen in no time.

About 30 minutes or less with minimal to no bake time.

Level 2: Bee-ginner Baker

Recipes that are tried and tested by us to be doable and delicious for new or young bakers.

About 1 hour with basic baking techniques, and minimal ingredients.

Level 3: Ladybug Learner

Recipes for young bakers who are ready for more steps and want to learn a new technique or two.

About 1-2 hours with multiple components like a streusel, ganache or a filling.

Level 4: Daring Dragonfly

Looking for a challenge? These recipes have multiple components and some more advanced baking techniques.

It might take you a day or two but we’ll make sure it’s worth it!