Snowball Cookies + Snowflake Tart

If baking with your children is on your holiday memory making to-do list, here’s an easy and delicious cookie recipe to try.

Holiday baking with toddlers and young children makes amazing memories but it can quickly turn messy and chaotic. That’s why I like recipes easy enough for them to enjoy making and flexible enough for me not to stress about how it will turn out. These snowball cookies are made with all taste-test friendly ingredients (nothing raw!), take about 30 minutes start to finish and powdered sugar dusting is always so much fun!

I’ve been using this recipe from Delish for years. The trickiest part has always been making sure the balls don’t crumble. So this year I tweaked the recipe by creaming the butter and sugar first to make it easier for little hands to form and roll. Mix on high for 8-10 minutes until the butter and sugar are smooth and fluffy. Then mix in the dry ingredients. You can experiment with different nuts and filling.

After we formed a dozen cookies we had a little left over dough. Penny wanted to try something different so she filled two tart pans about half way and topped with peppermint pieces. Her Peppermint Snowflakes turned out wonderfully ❄️

Let us know if you bake these Snowball Cookies (or snowflake tart)! #junebugbakerslove

Happy holiday baking!!


June Bug Bakers


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