Easy Delicious Pretzels

Staring down our first full week of distance learning, we needed snacks. Fun, easy, stress-relieving snacks. These homemade soft pretzels are up for the challenge.

In my search for a little baker friendly soft pretzel recipe it didn’t take long before I found one I could not resist. The one that promised only 10 minutes of rise time and a total time of 40 minutes. Plus, step by step pretzel folding pictures. The clear winner.

We’re rating this a Ladybug Learner level 3 recipe. While it only takes a few ingredients, there are multiple steps that add a challenge, like boiling the dough and forming the pretzels. It took us closer to 1 hour from start to finish but I usually anticipate a little extra time. The dough is so not fussy and forming the pretzels was almost relaxing. The step by step pictures really helped P understand what to do and after a little practice she was folding all by herself. (Check out our Instagram page for our pretzel folding form 😉

Baking Pretzels with Your little baker

So definitely don’t go into this bake expecting 12 uniform mall-stand pretzels. I let go of that idea pretty quickly when I saw how much fun she was having forming the pretzels her way. As you’ll see we had a variety of shapes and they all turned out delicious! Lots for little bakers to do like:

  • Combine the water and yeast and watch it bubble.
  • Pour flour into bowl while you mix (we used a wooden spoon but you can use a stand mixer.)
  • Practice kneading the dough for older bakers. For younger ones you might break off a tiny piece and let them play with their own ball. (P took her own little section to knead while I worked over the large ball of dough. It’s a quick knead, only 3 minutes.)
  • Roll the dough and form the pretzels. (Hands down the most fun.)
  • Season the pretzels (We used Trader Joe’s Everything Bagel Seasoning and salt.)

How we Baked it


You can find this truly easy and delicious recipe at Sally’s Baking Addiction: Easy Homemade Soft Pretzels

And another quick grab by little brother. Yum!



2 thoughts on “Easy Delicious Pretzels

  1. Wow, you and Penny make pretzels look so easy. I have always thought they would be far to challenging to tackle. Thanks for the inspiration


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